Pneumo Santa Ana

At the service of Cuenca and the region

The new Center for Diagnosis, Treatment and Respiratory Rehabilitation NEUMOSANTANA for the timely diagnosis and treatment of Respiratory Pathologies.

We have a highly trained human team in Respiratory Rehabilitation techniques; Pulmonologists, Imaging, Respiratory Therapists, Thoracic Surgeons, to ensure a comprehensive service for the improvement of respiratory functionality of our patients.

We perform outpatient procedures such as Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy for exploration of the respiratory tract, trachea, bronchi, detection of intrabronchial tumors; diagnosis of interstitial lung diseases, bronchial and alveolar lavage for the detection of infectious processes, therapeutic treatments for bronchial obstructions, invasive procedures, etc.

Frequent questions

We are located at Avenida Manuel J. Calle 1-104, in the city of Cuenca – Ecuador

We serve from Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day.

We have several channels of communication, if you want to schedule an appointment with a particular doctor you can contact him through the "Our doctors" option at the top of this page.

We also put at your disposal our telephone line (07) 281-7564

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